Perky Patty in Purgatory

How do you stay positive in a unpleasant environment due to undesirable circumstances? A question that's been burning the ear of therapists around the world. People who can communicate that feeling to others; likely receive the suggestion of removing themselves from the situation, but they don't consider the people who aren't as privileged. The stressed out single mother trying to provide for her family because her husband just died can't leave her kids. Nor can the newlywedded wife coping through fear and separation anxiety from her deployed wife. According to Sadlier "A study of 2,000 Americans examined how daily stressors can affect mental health and what things prevent people from seeking out therapy and additional help. The results revealed that nine in 10 people admit to [feeling] more uncomfortable discussing money, job stress, parents, friends, and [romantic] partners and [often] downplaying their emotions". This causes a detached routine that becomes common and slowly starts to way on the mind. Its understandable if you don't want to talk about your feeling in fear of being a burden or scolded by the people God put in place to temporarily to judge others until he returned but its not ok to do nothing at all. So what do you do? In my experience, too often the answer is bite down and endure, ignore what you can't fix, and pray it goes away but still expected to operate as through you are emotionally stable and mentally sound to do so. But SSK has a suggestion that can help you persevere and stay grounded.

Stay tuned to find out what society suggests and what tips and tricks we use to overcome! 

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